Kohl Kinning


My name is Kohl Kinning. I am…

…an agile and flexible biologist with multidisciplinary interest and experience in Biology, Computer Science, and their practical combination. Efficient and comfortable in fast paced environments. Proactive self-starter with excellent relationship building skills. Passionate to learn new skills in diverse areas. Driven to discover novel and creative applications of existing tools.


M.S., Bioinformatics & Genomics Master’s Program / University of Oregon

Bioinformatics and Applied Genomics Master’s Program

Select courses: Adv. Biological Statistics I/II, Computational Methods in Genomics Analysis, Bacterial–Host Interatctions

B.A., Biology, Computer Science minor / Lewis & Clark College

Minor: Computer Science

Select courses: Molecular Biology, Phylogenetics, Architecture & Assembly Language, Big Data


Genetic Mapping of Functional Vomeronasal Circuits / Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Yu Lab


  • Hypothesis-driven investigation of scRNA-seq dataset, 100,000 cells
  • Seeking to identify individual receptors expressed by ligand-activated cells
  • Working closely with biologist through experimental design and analysis

Quantitative Trait Loci Responsible for Variation in Nestlet Construction / Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Yu Lab


  • Investigated quantitative trait variation in nestlet construction in derived F2 population
  • Sought to connect the phenotype to the genotype utilizing SNVs as molecular markers
  • Learned and utilized state-of-the art open source software (GATK4, Spark, rQTL)


Languages Tools Analyses
R bash single cell transcriptomics
Python git variant detection
bash GATK quantitative trait loci analysis
MySQL Apache SPARK sequencing quality control
PHP SLURM principal components analysis
HTML Jupyter t-SNE analysis
LaTeX RMarkdown differential expression
Arduino MEGA Bayesian inference phylogeny

Bioinformatics and Genomics Workshop for Undergraduates / Reed College

LaTeX for Scientific Writing Workshop / Lewis & Clark College

FAA Private Pilot License / Broomfield, CO


Bioinformaticist / Stowers Institute for Medical Research / Kansas City, MO

  • Participated actively in weekly lab-meetings
  • Became familiar with neurobiologist–analyst interface
  • Worked on diverse neurobiological projects; QTL, ligand-receptor identification,
  • technical analysis of sorting techniques, and high-volume computer-vision tasks

Bicycle Mechanic / Sellwood Cycle Repair / Portland, OR

  • Demonstrated initiative, began with no experience and became a trusted mechanic
  • Diagnosed and repaired mechanical issues with scientific methodology
  • Cooperated daily with a team of 14 employees

Curatorial Assistant / Lewis & Clark College / Portland, OR

  • Revitalized a Natural History Collection belonging to the school
  • Developed a database (MS Access, MySQL) for data storage
  • Developed a public-facing web interface for the collection
  • Learned current curatorial standards

System Technician/IT Helpdesk / RK Mechanical Inc. / Denver, CO

  • Maintained software, workstations, cellphones, and telephones at the enterprise level
  • Utilized a job ticketing system assisting ~1000 employees