Kohl Kinning


My name is Kohl Kinning. I am…

…an agile and flexible biologist with multidisciplinary interest and experience in Biology, Computer Science, and their practical combination. Efficient and comfortable in fast paced environments. Proactive self-starter with excellent relationship building skills. Passionate to learn new skills in diverse areas. Driven to discover novel and creative applications of existing tools. Experienced with clinical data and model systems.


M.S., Bioinformatics & Genomics Master’s Program / University of Oregon

Bioinformatics and Applied Genomics Master’s Program

Select courses: Adv. Biological Statistics I/II, Computational Methods in Genomics Analysis, Bacterial–Host Interatctions

B.A., Biology, Computer Science minor / Lewis & Clark College

Minor: Computer Science

Select courses: Molecular Biology, Phylogenetics, Architecture & Assembly Language, Big Data


Human Trisome Project / University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome

Bioinformatics analyst

  • Worked with clinical data and mouse models of T21
  • Processed transcriptome data for several sub-projects, one containing 400 samples
  • 16s metagenomics to characterize oral- and gut-residing bacteria

Genetic Mapping of Functional Vomeronasal Circuits / Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Yu Lab

Bioinformatics analyst

  • Hypothesis-driven investigation of scRNA-seq dataset, 100,000 cells
  • Sought to identify individual receptors expressed by ligand-activated cells
  • Worked closely with biologist through experimental design and analysis

Quantitative Trait Loci Responsible for Variation in Nestlet Construction / Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Yu Lab

Bioinformatics analyst

  • Investigated quantitative trait variation in nestlet construction in derived F2 population
  • Sought to connect the phenotype to the genotype utilizing SNVs as molecular markers
  • Learned and utilized state-of-the art open source software (GATK4, Spark, rQTL)


Languages Tools Analyses
R bash 16S amplicon metagenomics
Python git variant detection
bash GATK single cell transcriptomics
MySQL Apache SPARK sequencing quality control
PHP SLURM principal components analysis
HTML Jupyter t-SNE analysis
LaTeX RMarkdown differential expression
Arduino MEGA Bayesian inference phylogeny

Bioinformatics and Genomics Workshop for Undergraduates / Reed College

LaTeX for Scientific Writing Workshop / Lewis & Clark College

FAA Private Pilot License / Broomfield, CO


Bioinformatics analyst / Linda Crnic Institute for Medical Research / Aurora, CO

  • Operated as an analyst on the groundbreaking Human Trisome Project
  • Collaborated with a team of immunologists, clinical practitioners, and clinical informatics specialists
  • Investigated clinical, metagenomic, and transcriptomic data

Bioinformatics analyst / Stowers Institute for Medical Research / Kansas City, MO

  • Participated actively in weekly lab-meetings
  • Became familiar with neurobiologist–analyst interface
  • Worked on diverse neurobiological projects; QTL, ligand-receptor identification
  • Technical analysis of sorting techniques, and high-volume computer-vision tasks

Bicycle Mechanic / Sellwood Cycle Repair / Portland, OR

  • Demonstrated initiative, began with no experience and became a trusted mechanic
  • Diagnosed and repaired mechanical issues with scientific methodology
  • Cooperated daily with a team of 14 employees

Curatorial Assistant / Lewis & Clark College / Portland, OR

  • Revitalized a Natural History Collection belonging to the school
  • Developed a database (MS Access, MySQL) for data storage
  • Developed a public-facing web interface for the collection
  • Learned current curatorial standards

System Technician/IT Helpdesk / RK Mechanical Inc. / Denver, CO

  • Maintained software, workstations, cellphones, and telephones at the enterprise level
  • Utilized a job ticketing system assisting ~1000 employees